(S)Hell of a Life

There’s a grim finality when we realize the array of responsibilities that we inherit in life.  That we have yet to cast off the (s)hell of youth, abandon and carelessness.

It’s when we look at our bank account and see pennies in savings; that our credit card is maxed out; that we haven’t appropriately planned for our future or to mitigate our past.

It’s when we look at the relationships with those around us and find that we’ve neglected our friends, alienated those we once loved, and caused more grief than we could have thought possible.

When we look at all of these things and we look at ourselves.  What do we see?

I see someone who has to change.  To make decisions that won’t always be fun.  To curb some of the recklessness.  To create a plan that I can stick to.

Here it goes.


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