I’ve been running for the past week on fumes at work.

It’s not that I need a break.  I need a change.

I’ve started consolidating my life a bit.  Forcing myself to save some money, eat at home, bring lunches to work.  Hopefully I can save enough to get my own place eventually after I pay back a bunch of people and pay down my card.

I ran rampant so far this year with my finances and I’d prefer not to have to live paycheck to paycheck forever.  It’s also a plan that if I can save enough to hold myself over for a bit I can transition to doing something that I really want.

I’d like to go back to writing and dancing.  I feel stifled that I don’t have time to create in the ways I would like; nor that I have a schedule that I really feel agrees with me.  Even if I get a full nights sleep I’m still hard pressed to wake up on time.

My life isn’t IT.


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