Laziness – My Gift

Recently I have been devouring Timothy Ferriss’s book (in audiobook format) the 4 Hour Workweek.  It’s fantastic.  I could rave about it for a while, but I’ll leave it at that and get to the point.

I have always been lazy.  I prefer to do the minimum required but I do it exceptionally well.  For many years a lot of people have hinted that this is really just sloth, an unwillingness to live up to my potential, or some bullshit like that.  However, I’ve never been a fan of the traditional sense of work.  I’ve always thought it was rigged without any real purpose.  “We’ve agreed to shuffle papers between the hours of 9 to 5.”

Who made that agreement?  Certainly not me.  My boss (at the job I no longer hold) said to me on many occasions (he knew full well we had nothing to do sometimes) – “just look busy”.  Why should I look busy when there is nothing to be busy over?

I’m here to do things, do them well, and then enjoy the rest of my time on other things that I can be doing. If it takes me one night to write that paper that it took you three weeks to stumble through, who are you to complain that I’m a procrastinator.  I’m just effective.

Back to my point of laziness.  Being lazy isn’t about not doing anything.  It is about not doing the things you don’t want to do.  I can be very good at that.  I’m downright exceptional at sloughing off duties that aren’t important and do my best at handing off those that aren’t interesting for me to do.

Laziness is a gift.  Few people understand the value of not working.  Those of us who are lazy – we do.


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