Learning Italian

I’m most likely traveling to Europe in the later spring and I’ve decided that I will learn Italian so that I can at least be conversationally fluent 95% of the time that I’ll be in Italy.

Street in Florence

Inspired by Timothy Ferriss‘s work on language learning I have a few months to get myself in verbal shape.

I have a fear of language learning cause I’ve always considered myself bad at it.  I struggled through two years of French in school and even went on to live in Montreal for almost four years and I still struggle to put words together.  Compounded on top of my apparent inadequacy at learning French I’m afraid of making mistakes in another language because I resent making them in English.

So if you see me and know Italian start asking me simple things in Italian or just asking me how my Italian is going.

Having the social obligation is definitely going to be a pressure to help me learn.

Now to determine the 100 most commonly used words in verbal and written Italian and get these sentences translated by a native speaker into Italian.

The apple is red.
It is John’s apple.
I give John the apple.
We give him the apple.
He gives it to John.
She gives it to him.

I must give it to him.
I want to give it to her.

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  1. this is good advice. I’ll agree with all of that.i read it && i really like the content of this blog, so do keep posting and keep the good work up.
    enjoy blogging, thanks.

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