Who Is The Slacker?

I am a reformed slacker on the upstroke.  I’ve drifted through high school and a bachelors degree.  It was easy.  Time for a challenge.

I have a degree in Philosophy from a small English university in Montreal (i.e. not McGill) which I achieved after transferring schools twice and switching degree programs at least that many times.

I teach lindy hop and run two blogs on dance – Jazzdance and Lindybloggers.  I travel, teach and compete across the U.S. and into Canada.  I worked at Cat’s Corner, a dance studio in Montreal, where I helped build it up from a one man show to a sustainable business.

I am now vagabonding across the U.S. teaching dance, doing freelance design and writing, and meeting many creative and entrepreneurial people along the way.  You can keep up with me at Vagabond Cafe.



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