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design and pretend

Somewhere along the line I became a graphic designer.  It was somewhere between sleeping in till noon and being woken up by a text message and a shower only an hour or so later that I went from a regular technology hobbyist who apparently worked IT to a freelance graphic designer.

At first I was horrified.  I wasn’t a graphic designer.  I’d done very little design work even unofficially.  I could easily manage basic functions in Illustrator and Photoshop but I hadn’t done Powerpoint work and that is what I was supposed to be an expert in.  With a fury of research and study on limited battery power, I learned as much as I could about presentation design in a weekend.

I studied the presentations and advice of Garr Reynolds, Lawrence Lessig, Seth Godin, Masayoshi Takahashi and Guy Kawasaki.  I had followed Seth Godin’s blog on-and-off for a while and his advice on marketing and the issues of tribes has always been fascinating.  Lessig I have followed for his immense breadth of work in copyright law and more – his presentations are simple, direct, and effective.

I watched videos on YouTube and read a number of articles on working in Powerpoint.  Then, I went to work.

It went simply. Easily. I realized one prime thing from this experience. The corporate world is as much an act as univeristy, high school. It’s a game of pretend – often with a short learning curve.

Get good at pretending and filling in the blanks when you get to them. It works.


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