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Slacker – A Definition

Reader’s Digest Great Encyclopedic Dictionary c. 1966

One who shirks his duties or avoids military service in wartime; shirker.


The term slacker is commonly used to refer to a person who avoids work (especially British English), or (primarily in North American English) an educated person who is antimaterialistic and viewed as an underachiever.

So while I am not going to recommend enlisting in military service (the Reader’s Digest definition may be a touch out of date) I will recommend putting your talents to good use – as I hope to put my own to use without over burdening myself with the traditional notion of work.

As to my definition of a slacker – the wikipedia definition for North America is on target.  I would add to it that slackers general have a level of idealism that breeds a cynicism of the current system (or at least I do).  As for in practice: slacking, as I used it in my school career, consisted mostly of ignoring the busy work and completing important tasks (projects, papers, etc.) in the shortest time possible (usually at the last minute).

In a way this was my use of Parkinson’s Law without knowing about it.  Parkinson’s Law is cited a great deal in Timothy Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Workweek and refers to the notion that we a job will swell in work according to the time given.  While some may dispute how Timothy Ferriss uses the Parkinson’s Law, Study Hack for example citing the specific context Parkinson was referring to in his paper on British Civil Service, it is in many contexts an effective idea to put to use.

The purpose of slacker reform is then not to take the slacker out entirely but to optimize the slacker for high yield and efficiency while maintaining a minimal level of work.

Are you a slacker?  Even if you aren’t, how would you define slacker?  Let me know and comment.


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(S)Hell of a Life

There’s a grim finality when we realize the array of responsibilities that we inherit in life.  That we have yet to cast off the (s)hell of youth, abandon and carelessness.

It’s when we look at our bank account and see pennies in savings; that our credit card is maxed out; that we haven’t appropriately planned for our future or to mitigate our past.

It’s when we look at the relationships with those around us and find that we’ve neglected our friends, alienated those we once loved, and caused more grief than we could have thought possible.

When we look at all of these things and we look at ourselves.  What do we see?

I see someone who has to change.  To make decisions that won’t always be fun.  To curb some of the recklessness.  To create a plan that I can stick to.

Here it goes.

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Outlet of Reform

This blog will be a personal outlet for work, university, relationships, and life in general on how a slacker is working hard to reform his life. It is about challenging oneself to a new way of life. A way of life that goes beyond the complacent, the accepting and the menial.  Above the day-to-day, about the day-to-day, below the day-to-day, all the currents of life.

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