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Blogging as Creative Outlet

Over on LifeDev Glen wrote a piece on how blogging shouldn’t be seen as a job.  Sure, we want our blogs to be successful but in the long run they are an expression of ourselves.

I ran into this problem when I was working on Lindybloggers.  Once it felt like I had to put out a certain type of content with a certain tone it became restrictive and lacked the freedom I had enjoyed with my writing.  I kept putting off finishing an event review and a month passed.

After a bit of reflection and free time I deleted the old draft and rewrote my review from scratch in a much shorter time.  I took the work out of the writing and made it a creative process again.

Whenever I’m in a crunch for writing I’ll definitely have to keep this in mind.


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Writing Schedule

So, I maintain two other blogs and this one has been a semi-post when I feel like it or to escape writing otherwise or to vent where I can’t otherwise.  It’s the ground for my own ineptitude in words.

What falters is my other writing, when I run out of steam projects which I’ve invested in slip and I manage to let an entire month go by without so much as a post.  That is poor management, poor blogging and exceptionally poor work.

My life has seen a lot of turmoil in a month or so.  I’ve lost my job.  Lost a girlfriend.  Left New York behind.  Much more than all that lies between those three things, before and after even.  But it isn’t an excuse to fall behind on posting to blogs which are not just my own image.  I do a lot of reading but I need to balance that with writing.

I need a writing schedule.  Plan for the week: develop a posting schedule.

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